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Firstly she is a wonderful human being which is the essential quality of a true healer. She is completely dedicated to her clients and their well being. I have quit smoking thanks to her guidance. She is multi-dimensional and can simplify the most complex issues. Worthwhile for sure.

- Aslam Zackria Sait Chairman, Rocklines constructions.

I did a series of sessions with Vandana, related primarily to life coaching. I found her sessions to be pretty effective. She listens patiently and slowly guides towards a positive path.I found the meditation techniques to be of help to me. Of course, continued practice at home is also essential. It is necessary to approach these sessions with at least a little amount of belief, because no magical effect would happen within a day. But with some amount of patience, the positive effects will start to show. Thanks to Vandana for the calm approach she uses.

- Jubaraj Bengaluru

From past few years i was having severe pain in my left arm and chest, the pain was due to an accident. in which my left arm and chest was badly injured. I consulted doctors for the pain but was not satisfied. Then i approached Vandanaji for Reiki healing. Within three months i was relieved from the pain. and i was happy. i would like to thank Vandanaji for healing me from my pain.

- Dimple Bijapur

I am glad to get Vandana ji as my mentor and friend. Her reputation in the field of life coaching, meditation techniques and understanding of human psychology is outstanding and her dealings with me, including her advise to me, has always showed her intelligence, knowledge, ethics, and desire to connect me to the world of inner peace and freedom on every occasion. She has the unique power to connect with people instantly, which is beyond imagination. I endeavor to stay in touch with her all time. Even if I was not seeking any advice, I would still try to stay close to her thinking.

- Ashish Mohanty Assistant Manager, Innovsource Pvt. Ltd.

I had a very good experience with you ma’am. You are a very kind-hearted person. You are great! In my life I have rarely seen anyone like you. All are business-minded, but you are humble and very kind. Good moral support, overcoming difficult situation, peaceful mind. More like my mother you were guiding me, that’s all I can say.

- Nagarjuna Engineering student

Though i started out for only three days then i actually extended it to 15 days. For the reason i was suffering form dengue to my surprise. I met Vandana in a spritual workshop. The more i knew her the more i trusted her. i knew in times of trouble she’d show up. She offered me help not just with Reiki but also she would prepare my breakfast, took care of my food and medicine. she denied me to take any medicine. She was so confident she prohibited my from taking medicine. and she said i will heal you. and she actually didi it. i would really recommend Vandana when it comes to reiki and trusting her healing powers and seeing the results for yourself. she truly is spritual healer. She is beautiful being who has dedicated her life to it. I have met many other healers being a wellness coach myself. I have met people who are just commercial but the thing that i really admire about her is her dedication and she is not motivated to service for commercial intentions. And that is something very beautiful about her as a practitioner. My experience with her as a healer has been very result oriented. i didn’t have to take any medicine. Please go for it. try her and see how it makes a difference in your life. God works through her for sure.

- Krishma

Hello everyone, I am a teacher by profession. I surely recommend Vandana ma’am. I know her since i was a kid. She used to teach me in school. I wholeheartedly trust her and have faith in whatever she does. She is so so positive towards life. The way she always guided us and showed us the right path. Now when i am a mother of five year old child i still believe the kind of healing she gives whenever i require. Few days back my child was not well suffering from very high fever for many days. I called her. She with Reiki and prayers proved to be an angel for me. my child recovered soon. Once i lost my gold bracelet, which was also found quickly her prayers, which was not at all expected. Thank you ma’am you are pure at heart and your should really inspire me to do good work and help other as you have done always. Thank you so much ma’am.

- Neha

I would like to share something with you about reiki. You might have read it, heard it somewhere probably but i experienced it. And trust me, I was suffering from chikengunya while my pregnancy. I would medicines for a long time but it was momentarily relief. After a long time taking medicines and with constant pain i was tired and lost. Then one day my brother suggested me to try this. I talked to Vandana ji over a phone call and she said nima don’t worry i will heal you. To my surprise it worked like magic. I would urge everybody to experience it and share it with others so that everybody know about how powerful her Reiki is. After the Reiki sessions with Vandanaji, I didn’t need any medicines. Its been a while now since i feel any pain. I feel very very nice and positive and forever thankful to Vandana. Thank you so much for taking time out for me.

- Nima Chennai

I am a corporate adviser for learning and development of health-care group in Jakarta, Indonesia. I know Vandana for five years when she had come to my previous organisation which i again a leading health-care unit in bangalore to take a mesmerising meditation and self-healing session. I was well like by all the staff. It helped them to come out of emotional stress while working in a hospital. After that she has been a great friend of mine and she was always there for me to help me out when was in any stress or was suffering form any ailment through Reiki, crystal healing, counseling to lead a positive life. And now that i am in Jakarta, she does distance reiki healing. And believe me it works. She has special power to heal others because she works genuinely from heart to heal others who are in stress. What surprises me is that she senses if anybody is in pain. On many occasions she either messaged me or called me at the times when i needed some advice and counselling. I would definitely recommend everyone to use her expertise in Reiki, crystal healing, counselling, tarot reading. And tell you get the overall personality change and i you take my example i am a more positive person now. Thank you so much Vandana and love you loads.

- Sujitha Jakarta, Indonesia