Only and only with the flame of awareness one can celebrate life in all realms blissfully. With this course align your body, mind and heart - functioning all the three together perfectly.

Each one of us wish to free ourselves from physical discomfort, mental conflicts and emotional instability. We all desire to live a happy, healthy and blissful life at all given times and situations. Can all this be accomplished? Yes,by understanding our true self- Self Knowledge.
This course will make you aware of mechanical functioning of your body, mind and heart. Help you to understand the miracle of awareness - realization of true self and free you from ego based life and guide you to heart/intuitive based life.

With self Awareness course

  • Become aware of strengths and blocks/obstacles.
  • Discover the hidden treasure.
  • Develop greater perspective of life.
  • Learn to live in present- naturally and spontaneously
  • Connect more to oneself truly .
  • Live from heart

Why You???..

This course is for the individuals
  • Who wish to grow inwardly.
  • For seekers of truth.
  • Who wish to live consciously; in awareness; in alertness and freedom.
  • Who wish to develop a healthy consciousness.

Self awareness is the first step in creating what you want and mastering the art of focus of emotions, reactions, personality and behavior to determine the right path and where you wish to go in life.