Life Coaching

See yourself more empowered, peaceful, loving and aware. Learn To Live In Ecstasy.

Physical Wellness

  • Increase your awareness of body- connect with your body wholly and intensely.
  • Reduce the need and dependency on drugs & pills
  • Enhance energy, strength and vigor.
  • Less energy wasted
  • Produce lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical activity

Mind Mastery

  • Increase sense of responsibility and intellect
  • Decrease in restless thinking and worry
  • Increase in listening skills and drop judgements
  • Make more accurate decisions
  • Develop powerful, charged, effective communication skills.
  • Increase focus & concentration-sharpen the intellect
  • Increase creativity, self-confidence and positivity.

Emtional Wellness

  • Increase emotional stability.
  • Improve relationships at home and work.
  • Develop intuition
  • Develop ability to see the larger picture in a given situation
  • Increase in the capacity for SELF LOVE and grow more intimate with loved ones
  • Behavioral skills enhanced. Release anger, worry, anxiety; face fear,drop resentment and hatred.
  • Increase feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
  • Develop composure to act in constructive ways.
  • Become more empathetic.
  • Become a magnet of pure love
  • Resolve phobias & fears. Let go and surrender

Spiritual Wellness

  • Help you to discover your inner guru; understand your life purpose.
  • Increase self-actualization.
  • Grow compassion and love
  • Develop great wisdom
  • Deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • Bring body, mind, spirit in harmony-develop healthy consciousness
  • Increase acceptance of oneself and synchronicities in your life.
  • Change attitude towards life directed towards truth and
  • authenticity. Become more playful and natural.
  • Learn sutras for life transformation.
  • Learn to live in the present moment
  • Experience an inner sense of “Assurance or Knowingness” a sense of “Oneness”

What you need to do?

  • Keep 45 min to one hour free for the session.
  • Keep a journal to have a note of your progress.
  • Be completely honest and open to share all your issues, views,
  • Problems related to any aspects of life
  • Have mutual trust and faith in order to grow faster in self
  • Transformation.
  • Be open and flexible to learning.