Card Reading

Only and only with the flame of awareness one can celebrate life in all realms blissfully. With this course align your body, mind and heart - functioning all the three together perfectly.

The Tarot and oracle cards are tools for Divination, i.e. they can be used to analyse problems, clarify the decision making process, or even help you to understand yourself & others a little better. They can stimulate intuition, & help the mind to escape from the habitual straitjacket of logical thought into a more freewheeling world. When the cards are used to predict the future they can be uncannily accurate. They also if interpreted correctly direct the inquirer's attention to the forces shaping his/her path in life & often present choices or suggest courses of action. They will help you develop a clearer connection with God, Saints and Angels. I am an experienced Tarot and Oracle Card reader and teacher and have been doing tarot Card reading from last 8 years. I have conducted numerous readings, seminars and training workshops to spread awareness regarding this ancient and mystic art and its significance as a tool of divination. For any questions, or queries, please contact me by fixing an appointment.